This project in Mapping Controversies is enthusiasticly and collaboratively carried out by 3 students during the 3 week course 42632 Mapping Controversies at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, Copenhagen, in June 2010.

Our lecturers are
Associate Professor Torben Elgaard Jensen, DTU and Assistant Professor Anders Kristian Munk, DTU.

This is our first Mapping Controversies experience relating to
Demoscience and The MACOSPOL project (MApping COntroversies in Science and technology for POLitics), and we hope our project will contribute to the extension of knowledge and use of Mapping Controversies as a tool to improve democracy.


Andreas Birkbak
MSc Sociology student, University of Copenhagen


Emil Urhammer
MSc Management student
, Technical University of Denmark

Søren Scharffenberg
BSc Health Informatics student, University of Copenhagen / Technical University of Denmark

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From left: Emil, Søren, Andreas.

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